The 5 Biggest Cyber Security Risks For Business

Cyberattacks are getting more frequent and can cause havoc to a business. If you’re a business owner, you need to take every step to safeguard your company from cyberattacks. This means implementing the best cybersecurity practices and keeping your staff informed about the latest threats.

The 5 most significant cyber security threats to your company

1. Password theft is among the most common reasons that companies suffer data breaches. Employees are the key to the company’s systems. Employees could be unaware of their rights to divulge private information to the public or make poor choices with their passwords that could enable hackers to break in. For example, many people prefer pet names or dates of birth as their passwords. This can easily be hacked by a hacker using some online tools.

2. Malware:

Not only viruses and ransomware can cause damage to your computer, there are other threats as well. Cybercriminals also employ social engineering and other ensure data integrity and accuracy with secure storage methods to gain access to your personal information. They often send emails or call you pretending to be a tax department or bank authority to trick you into giving up your information.

Business Email Compromise:

This is one of most expensive cyber attacks. Criminals hack into business email to steal money from companies. They will typically gain access to an employee’s email account, and then manipulate the company into sending money to their personal accounts. This could result in huge losses for the business and will be difficult to recover from.

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